Cooperative CO2 Scission Paper is Out!

This one has been a long time coming, but it has been worth the wait!  Check out this fantastic work in Organometallics by Jim Zhang ’18, Teddy Donnell ’17, Paul Peterson ’18, and Mike Trenerry ’18, as well as our awesome collaborators Prof. Buck Taylor (and student Vanessa Eng) and Prof. Daron Janzen.  We provide experimental and computational evidence for silicon-assisted CO2 cleavage by an anomalous insertion mechanism, highlighting another mechanism by which silicon can play a key role in transforming CO2.

New Organometallics Paper

Check out our recent collaborative work with Buck Taylor’s (University of Portland) lab on a combined experimental and computational approach to understanding unusual competitive mechanisms in alkene hydrogenation by Rh catalysts!  This paper describes work by Kate DeMeulenaere ’18 and Mike Trenerry ’18.  Congrats to all involved on this well-deserved recognition of some excellent work!