Whited Group at ACS

Several representatives from the Whited group will showcase recent results at the Spring 2018 ACS National Meeting in New Orleans. Check out their awesome work if you are in town for the meeting!

  • Peterson, P. O.; Donnell, T. M.; Whited, M. T. “CO2 Bond Scission via a [P2Si]Rh Silylene Intermediate” INOR-246.
  • Zhang, J.; Foley, B. J.; Bhuvanesh, N.; Whited, M. T.; Ozerov, O. V. “Synthesis & Reactivity of Novel Silyl/Silylene Pincer Cobalt Complexes” INOR-890.
  • Ma, S.; Zhang, J.; Whited, M. T.; Janzen, D. E. “Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity of Pincer-Type Bis(Phosphine)/Silylene [P2Si]Ru Complexes” INOR-891 and SciMix