Congrats to group alumni!

We are fast approaching the end of the academic year, which means congrats are in order to our graduating research students, who have been so awesome these past few years! So, thanks and congrats to Wenlai Han, Emma Watson, Ellie Vandel, Helen Jin-Lee, and Jackson Cleveland!

Congrats are also in order to group alumni as they move on to next steps:

  • Wenlai Han is heading to MIT to begin graduate work in Chemistry
  • Ellie Vandel is heading to UIUC to begin graduate work in Chemistry
  • Jackson Cleveland is starting a PhD in Materials Science at University of Minnesota
  • Emma Watson will be starting a research associate position at Carleton with Dan Maxbauer in Geology
  • Jack Williams ’21 will be starting graduate study in the Integrated Program in Biochemistry at Wisconsin
  • And, Luke Westawker ’20 (UIUC, Mirica Group) has recently been awarded an NSF graduate research fellowship

Again, congrats all around and thanks to all for your amazing work supporting our research at Carleton!

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